Native users and queries how to track

Hi ! I’m having trouble tracking the user generating the quicksign query. Is there any way to track this quicksign native user and know the number and size of the queries?

Hi @alveslyon - Welcome to QuickSight Community and thanks for posting the question. If the data source is a relation database like mysql, you can track the sql fired by QuickSight from the database server like normal DBA can provide the sql. Tracking at user level may be a big challenge.

As an admin, it is really important to know who is running what, we are also facing this issue most of the time.

Hi @Max - Any advise on this. Can we add a feature request for the same. This is really important for an admin to understand what is happening? Please provide your feedback.

Regards - Sanjeeb

@Sanjeeb2022 is correct, this monitoring needs to be done on the data source side. You will see the user who was set when creating the Data Source in QuickSight as the user who ran the query, and you will see a comment at the top of any QuickSight query indicating it was QuickSight who sent this, along with the session ID, asset ID and so on.

This is an example from Redshift:

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Thanks @Jesse for provide more details around it.

Regards - Sanjeeb