Navigate to a different sheet when a particular value in quicksight is selected

Hello Team

I have created a parameter with values like : Today , last 7 days , last 30 days last 10 days and so on .

i want when user selects last 7 days he should be navigated to a different sheet and that sheet is visible then till then it should be hidden . how can we achieve this

Hi @deepa.singh

i dont know if and how you can hide the sheets. But you could use a navigation action to navigate to a different dashboad.



How to activate Navigate action on parameter selection please help

i guess you will need a different jumping point like a picture or something.

Please guide with detailed process

i checked it again and it looks like you need to use different dashboard if you want to hide sheets.
You would need the url to each different dashboard and you use a Text Visual to display the Link.

You could use different textboxes for you parameter values and display (show/hide per rule) the right text box.

Hi @deepa.singh
any update on your side?