Navigation Using Dropdown

Hi, I want to navigate through pages using dropdown itself. We can’t add actions to dropdowns so is there a way possible to do so?

Hey @grimm989 ,

if I understand correctly you want to use a filter control for a navigation action. To my knowledge this is not supported by Quicksight currently.

One workaround that I have implemented is to use a ‘Custom Visusal Content’ visual (you can choose any image that you find fitting; I used a question mark). For this visual you can then implement ‘Navigation Actions’ with the ‘Menu Option’. If users now click this visual they will see a dropdown of the different ‘Actions’ (see screenshot).

I hope this can help you as a workaround for this missing feature.

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Nice workaround! We’re using Custom Visual Content as navigation buttons (and even that sucks, but it does work) but hadn’t thought of adding navigation options. Will try this with the burger bun menu icon and Navigation Menu text I think.