Navigation using Insights

Is there a way to navigate to a sheet by clicking on an insight. I was able to implement a navigation using other charts , however it doesn’t seem to be working for insights.

Hi @roby Currently insights only support URL actions. So the setup to achieve this will be slightly different. See steps below.

Step 1: Create an insight that will list out specific values.
Example: Bottom Insight

Step 2: Add a URL with a parameter
In the screenshot you can see the ‘Details’ hyperlink. This was added via the hyperlink button on the top menu. The link is the URL of the same dashboard, different sheet, with a parameter at the end. The link:<<Bottom.items[index].categoryValue.formattedValue>>

Where ‘country’ is a parameter.

Step 3:
In the target sheet add a filter> custom filter>equals parameter (country in this example)

This should allow your users to click the ‘Details’ URL to navigate to the appropriate sheet with the appropriate filter.