Need additional documentation on migrating PowerBI dashboards to Quicksight

I saw a video from AWS Reinvent 2022 where an AWS expert @saunakchandra demonstrated migration of dashboard from PowerBI to Quicksight. However there was no guidance provided on how to parse the layout file and make it Quicksight standard. Can we get some demo/documentation on how to build a Quicksight supported file from the JSON layout we get from PowerBI? That’d be very helpful as currently I am lost and unable to carve out the mapping between PowerBI and Quicksight syntax.

@saunakchandra or @Maitri_Shah Could you provide any assistance/recommendations here?


HT @Sanjeeb2022

@tarisu8082 thank you for your interest on this topic. The demo was meant for AWS Partners- primary objective being 1/ showing comparative features between PBI and QuickSight and 2/ overview of the QuickSight expanded APIs capabilities. The intention of the session was directional; a number of AWS partners already have capabilities to extract the metadata from PBI.

A few AWS partners since last year who are committed to building the converter to list their offering in the AWS Marketplace. I will update this thread once they are available in the AWS Marketplace. Let me know if any questions.


Thanks @saunakchandra for the reply.