Need to calculate the count of patient, where patient that had a visit after not having a visit for X days. What transformation can work for this?

patient that had a visit after not having a visit for X days) What transformation can work for this. Idea is to get the count of patient. We have Date_Visited column, Patient_ID.
@Ramon_Lopez can you help with this…

Hi @Abhishek_24

Assuming you’re looking to filter for rows where the patient had a visit after X days, you could:

  1. Calculate difference in days from the previous visit for each patient (refer: Lag - Amazon QuickSight and dateDiff - Amazon QuickSight

  2. Apply filter on the diff in days calculated in step 1 and calculate distinct count of patient ids

Quick prototype to illustrate:
Raw data:

In QuickSight after adding the calculation:

Applying filter on days diff to find out visits after 40 days:

Let us know if this does the trick for you? Thanks.


Hi @Abhishek_24

has @SD_QS answered your question? If yes, please mark his answer as a solution.

Thank you,

Unfortunately it, didn’t worked.

Hey @Abhishek_24 could you let us know the challenge you might be facing so we could try to help? Thanks.

Hi @Abhishek_24

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