Need to show a table only when selection is made to the filters

Hi All,

By default, I need to hide a table box in the dashboard and the same needs to be displayed only when any selection is made to the filters.

I was able to hide the visual by default using rules. As part of 2nd requirement, i want to display the Pivot/table only when there is a selection to the filter (the filter will have multiple values).

Is there any way to declare a condition to see if there is a filter selection made? If yes, visual has to be displayed. Else, hidden.

Since the rules section has only a text box to enter the input value, I appreciate your help here.

You can use parameters and set the reserved value to a value.

Then you can check if it’s not equal to that value.

Thanks @Max for your response. I was able to hide/show table as required post setting a rule with ‘Parameter’ not equal to Null()