New analysis look

Is there a way to opt into the new analysis look (AWS BI Blog dated 02 Oct 2023 by Rishab Vora with title “Coming November 2023: A new analysis experience on Amazon QuickSight”).

My analysis experience (both Console & embedding) still has the old look and I dont see any visible options to enable / opt into the new look.

@metrics The new analysis look is now available across all regions, excluding the console embedding accounts. It would be available for console embedding users in the next few days (I can confirm the dates from the product team and update here).


Thanks for sharing this @bhaskar_vemuri! Exciting news! :tada: :rocket:

@bhaskar_vemuri can you confirm and share the date when console embedding accounts will see the new analytics look. For my account, I get the old analytics look even when user interaction does not use embedded console.

@bhaskar_vemuri Date for analysis embedding for authors and consumers used to read “available from Nov 21, 2023”. Article appears to have recently updated and date now reads Dec 20, 2023.

QuickSight team, I really wish

  • the analysis user experience (for embed vs non-embed) roll out was on the same timeline (at most a week behind if need to)
  • new analysis look is not tied at the account level (analysis done thru quicksight console gets the new look so that I can try it out and not having to sit it out).

Thanks for the feedback @metrics.