New Data Zoom for combined bar and line chart

Hey all,

A quick question about the data zoom for the x-axis. It seems that the combined bar and line chart has a different data zoom than a simple bar or line chart:

Is it planned that the bar chart will also have this different data zoom? OR can i change the data zoom within the properties ? - I didn’t found it.
I think the data zoom for the combined charts looks good and is easy to use.

Best Regards


Hello @robert.eibers, this is an interesting find! I had not noticed the difference in the data zooms between the visuals. Unfortunately, there aren’t any options for customization of the data zoom besides showing or hiding it. I can at least tag this as a feature request though to either allow a selection between the 2 options or fully converting to the data zoom in the combined bar chart and line chart visuals.

Let me know if you have any remaining questions on this!

Hey @DylanM,

it would be great if you can tag this as a feature request! - I would loved to have a different datazoom.

Ps. I just saw that area line chart also has the “new” datazoom!



Hello @robert.eibers, thank you for your feedback! I have tagged this topic accordingly and I will archive it for the support team.