New: March sessions of the Amazon QuickSight Learning series

The Amazon QuickSight Learning series is a free learning resource hosted by our QuickSight Community. We provide live weekly webinars to give users of all technical backgrounds and user identities an on-demand experience to learn from our Product Managers and Solution Architects. We host three sessions a week, offering multiple topics to our global group of users. Session topics include specific product functionalities, new feature launches, best practices, and how-to tips to improve your QuickSight user experience, empowering you to unlock all that QuickSIght has to offer.

This March on the Amazon QuickSight Learning Series, learn how you can administer accounts with our IAM Identity Center integration and track your QuickSight cost and spending on the CUDOS dashboard. You will also hear about our integration with Databricks in dataset creation and some best practices for versioning/restoration in QuickSight. Register for our March sessions here.

Happy learning!

March Amazon QuickSight Learning series lineup

Best Practices: Versioning and Restoration | March 5 and 7

  • Technical level: 200
  • Persona: QuickSight dashboard builders

IAM Identity Center Integration with QuickSight | March 12 and 14

  • Technical level: 300
  • Persona: QuickSight administrators and developers

QuickSight Cost and Usage Visuals in the CUDOS Dashboard| March 19 and 21

  • Technical level: 100-200
  • Persona: QuickSight administrators and business users

Databricks Integration with QuickSight| March 26 and 28

  • Technical level: 300
  • Persona: QuickSight dashboard builders


The QuickSight Community is the official one-stop-shop for guiding you on your QuickSight learning path. It’s where you’ll find our library of resources, learning events, and get access to our on-call Solutions Architects to answer your QuickSight questions. Connect with our global network of QuickSight Community members of all experience levels and user identities to further your education. In the Community’s Learning Center, you’ll find our previous Amazon QuickSight Learning series webinars to dive deep into your BI journey with QuickSight. You can also subscribe to our QuickSight Youtube Channel to find our Amazon QuickSight Learning series playlist and other content that fits your skill level and use case.

We will continue updating this blog with monthly announcements of the latest Amazon QuickSight Learning series. Make sure to bookmark this for future reference.

About the author

Madi Hsieh is a Program Manager with Amazon QuickSight at AWS. As a recent graduate from UCLA and previous intern for the QuickSight Customer Success team, Madi is excited to step into this full-time role. She runs the Amazon QuickSight Learning series to increase the learning resources available to Amazon QuickSight customers.

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