New to QuickSight create a Grid (Table) with color formatting based on Status

I am using field values: ‘Project Type’, ‘Project Name’, ‘Release date by Week’ and ‘Project Status’

I created a table with Column as ‘Project Type’ and Row as ‘Release date by week’.

I am trying to :

  1. Have ‘Project Name’ to be displayed by ‘Release date’ and show color of the ‘Project status’.
    Or at least:
  2. Have ‘Project Name’ cell by color of the ‘Project status’ color.
    Example: Highlight ‘Project Name’ as ‘Test 1’ with ‘Green’ as the ‘Project Status’ is ‘Green’ for this project.

Thank you!

@dthequicksight9 - Thank you for posting your query. You can leverage the conditional formatting feature of QuickSight in this case. You need to set up multiple conditions based on the finite list of values that you have in Project Status. I have tried to replicate at my end using a different dataset, but the concept will be same.

You need to set up multiple conditions for each of your Project Status.

A Sample Snapshot for your reference is given below:

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Thank you for the response. If I don’t want the entire row highlighted, but only one cell which has the Project Name highlighted. How do I achieve this? Thank you!

Hi @dthequicksight9 , Instead of selecting the Entire Row options from the Select Column drop down please select the Project Name column from the Select Column dropdown.

For achieving this just need to go to the three dotted menu options click on conditional formatting then go to Delete button and recreate the same conditional formatting by selecting the Project Name column from the available dropdown options.

PFB some of the screenshots
Step -1

Step -2

Step -3

No need to select the Entire Column button instead you select the Project Name column for getting the exact result.

Please delete the conditional formatting and create the conditional formatting as provided by @sagmukhe with conditions.
I have added all the above steps for getting the exact result from your end.

Thanks & Regards
Biswajit Dash

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