No value is set for the parameter, but it is not judged as NULL

I want to display the value of the parameter in the title of the visual.
I tried the following formula, but it doesn’t work.
・If the year parameter is “Select all”, return NULL, otherwise return the year.

Result: If the year parameter is “Select all”(NULL), “ALL” is displayed in the title.

It seems that the isNull(${year1}) part is not handled correctly.
In Insight, the above formula worked well, but when I implemented it in the visual title, I couldn’t do it.
Is NULL not set when all parameters are selected?

Please advice how to hide parameter value when parameter is “Select all”

Have you tried ifelse(${year1}=‘All’,‘’,${year1})?

A couple of things: I think the default value is All or ALL. It can be dynamically set with the newest version of quicksight.

The other thing is that you might want to return an empty string instead of NULL.

Please let me know if that helps,

Hi, @Natsuki. We hope that Max’s solution worked for you. I am marking his reply as, “Solution,” but let us know if this is not resolved.