No VPC Connection when creating an RDS connection

Hi @justin-noba and @bhavya

A few things to check regarding permissions to ensure all is setup properly. Please note below info is available in our docs. It’s possible that with new features released recently IAM permissions required might have changed.

1- To create VPC - Per the docs the admin user requires the following IAM permissions.

* `"quicksight:ListVPCConnections"`
* `"quicksight:CreateVPCConnection"`
* `"quicksight:DescribeVPCConnection"`
* `"quicksight:DeleteVPCConnection"`
* `"quicksight:UpdateVPCConnection"`
* `"ec2:describeSubnets"`
* `"ec2:describeVpcs"`
* `"ec2:describeSecurityGroups"`
* `"iam:ListRoles"`
* `"iam:PassRole"`

2- The execution role of the VPC itself configured needs the below permissions and trust policy for quicksight to assume the role.


If the VPC is properly configured, shows up for other connectors but does not show up for RDS, then maybe it could be a bug. I tried replicating and vpc shows up for me on all connectors.

Thanks and please let me know, happy to dig deep on this one.

Ramon Lopez


Thank you @Ramon_Lopez ! The magic was step 2. Is there any reason why the execution role created with QuickSight provisioning doesn’t automatically include those permissions?