Not able to see the migrated dashboard in QuickSight

I could migrate a dashboard from source to target. I can see the dashboard in the target account using describe-dashboard API call.

What could be the reason the migrated dashboard is not showing up in QuickSight?

Update dashboard permissions (update-dashboard-permissions — AWS CLI 2.7.25 Command Reference ) to the user who should have access. It will be then visible in the QuickSight console.


I ran the update dashboard command and it sill doesn’t display in the QuickSight console:

ws quicksight update-dashboard-permissions --aws-account-id 6*4 --dashboard-id "3ac7eb63-87ea-447" --grant-permissions file://dashboardPermissions.json
“Status”: 200,
“DashboardArn”: "arn:aws:quicksight

Hi @gopinathpc

I have sent you a message requesting more details about the API call.

Thanks for your message. This helped in resolving my issue.

What was the solution? I have a similar problem.