Not finding the csv file download link in the email sent using the Paginated report


The paginated report has been added to the existing QS dashboard. And I have scheduled the paginated report to send the “csv file download link” via email. But I am not finding the csv downlaod link in the email. Please help us to solve this issue. Thanks.

Hi @Saral

That’s odd. Do all the emails miss the CSV link?

Does the table have data? Are there any RLS rules?

If its setup correctly and the table has data it should show link.
Would suggest you create a support ticket to get this quickly to engineering.


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Hey @Saral Did you find the solution for the problem?
I am also facing the same issue.

hi @Saral and @syed_imran

in the email you got, click on VIEW RECENT SNAPSHOTS next to “View Dashboard”. This will take you to the dashboard where you will see on the right side a panel will all the downloadable files, including csv files.