Not grouping correctly - the grouping includes hidden fields


I have a filter in my Analysis (Table visual type) which uses the following calculated field :-


The field being used in the calculated field (policy_reference) must be included in the ‘Group By’ field well, so appears on the Analysis even though I don’t wish to see.

I can hide policy_reference on the Analysis, however it is still grouping down to policy_reference level.

Is there a way to remove policy_reference from the grouping ?

If you are partitioning by it in your calculated field there is no way to remove it. You need to reference it.

The only way to remove it would be to transfer the logic to SQL so that it is produced as a regular field and not an aggregation.

Thanks Max, the value for the calculated field will be dependant on the date parameters entered by the user at runtime so unfortunately it cannot be transferred to SQL, so it looks like Quicksight is unable to handle this which is a pity.