Not seeing Q Bar with an embed

Really enjoyed Kareem’s presentation last week on embedding Q Bar, and I used the script suggested per the attached screenshot, but am not seeing Q Bar at my webpage… any thoughts? Thanks!

Hi Perry,

You can embed the Q Search Bar using the instructions outlined in documentation: Embed Q Search Bar.

You can also refer to QS Embedding SDK for more details.

Let us know if you’re still running into an issue or if these resources were able to resolve the issue for you

Thank you lillie! I tried the suggestions and still encountering an issue.

Can you please provide more details on the issue you are encountering? Is it while generating the embed URL or is it while you are trying to embed the Q search bar after the URL has been generated? Do you see any error?

Hello Perry, from the information provided its not clear what error you may be facing. Please provide more details of the error when you try to embed - such as error message, HAR files or the log files for us to be able to debug. Also note that in order to embed the Q bar into your web application you have to follow all the steps mentioned in the blog here - Enable users to ask questions about data using natural language within your applications by embedding Amazon QuickSight Q | AWS Big Data Blog

Thank you for that… I will go through again line by line and give it another go