Number Field giving me a list to filter on instead of "Less Than" / "Greater Than"

I’m trying to filter on this field that is showing as a number. I’d like to set a field for when this number is less than 0. However, it’s only giving me options to select from a list of discrete values instead of comparing against an integer to filter on. How do I get around this / why is it not showing me the proper filter type?

Screen Shot 2022-12-20 at 11.32.19 AM

Looks like this

Hello @shohini - I believe the field that you are talking about is marked as a Dimension. Try to convert it into a measure and you will get all those options that you are looking for. See the below sample navigation to convert it. Hope this helps!

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Hi @shohini the field is marked as Dimension which gives us the filter type as “Custom Filter”, “Top and bottom filter”, as displayed above.
If you want to filter by condition it has to be a measure (GREEN COLOR), that helps to filter by giving condition and Aggregation type.

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