Number of comma separated rules that can be applied in quicksight rls using excel file

Hi Guys, need a little help here , quite new to quicksight :grin:
Now i am implementing RLS in one of my dataset . In my use case, user x can have access to n number of organizations. Now i am implementing that by creating a lookout table in excel with username as one column and organization name as other and inserting the available organizations by comma separated values. Now my question is how many such type of organization name can i insert into one excel cell using comma in between them. What is the threshold for that or what is the best practice.

  • If a field includes a comma (,) Amazon QuickSight treats each word separated from another by a comma as an individual value in the filter. For example, in ('AWS', 'INC'), AWS,INC is considered as two strings: AWS and INC. To filter with AWS,INC, wrap the string with double quotation marks in the permissions dataset.If the restricted dataset is a SPICE dataset, the number of filter values applied per user can’t exceed 192,000 for each restricted field. This applies to the total number of filter values that are directly assigned to a username, plus any filter values that are assigned to the user through group names.If the restricted dataset is a direct query dataset, the number of filter values applied per user varies from data sources.Exceeding the filter value limit may cause the visual rendering to fail. We recommend adding an additional column to your restricted dataset to divide the rows into groups based on the original restricted column so that the filter list can be shortened.

Amazon QuickSight treats spaces as literal values. If you have a space in a field that you are restricting, the dataset rule applies to those rows. Amazon QuickSight treats both NULLs and blanks (empty strings “”) as “no value”. A NULL is an empty field value.

Is this what you’re looking for?

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hi @Max , this what i am doing .But what i want to know is how many of those comma separated values can be put inside one field . More specifically, what is the maximum number of comma separated values that one field can have as filter for one particular user.

I believe this ^ is what you’re looking for

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Hey @Max - with the limit on values from tags being 256 characters and 50 tags per session, how would someone feasibly filter to 192,000 distinct values per user?