Obtaining Filter Control Values in a Narrative

I am not using Parameters for my Control Filters. Does anyone know a way to get the current value of the Filters in an Insight/custom Narrative?

The Dashboard is embedded.

You can use filters in Insights, along with prebuilt Computation types available. But can not pass the current filter value into simple text like custom narrative.
Other option is, you can use parameter and add it to the Insight/Customer Narrative.

Thanks. I cannot use Parameters due to the nature of my dashboards. Each tenant has a different data source and associated dashboard. I would have to modify the parameters in every dashboard. I wanted to pass the value of the current filter into a narrative or similar text field.

Sorry if I am misunderstanding your use case, but how would setting parameter values to a column, and having your filter = that parameter be different than just setting up the filter alone? unless its a calculated field maybe.

In our implementation, each of our tenant’s data is stored in it’s own schema for privacy reasons. Therefore we have a different dataset for each tenant. If I am using parameters I have to go into each visualization and update the data source to retrieve the correct data. Trying to maintain this for x number of parameters over x number of visualizations becomes impossible. I can probably programmatically create everything, but we are not quite there yet. It would just be easier to be able to get the value of a filter in a Narrative or in a text field of some sort for printing purposes. I have a workaround which was to put the filters on the sheet so the filters print when the sheet prints.

Hi, currently your approch to add filter on sheet is the easiest way.
I am trying to understand the underlining need to show the filter value in a insight nerrative. Do you not want user to change values of the filters, but just display what filter value has been applied?
We are developing some new ways of making filter display and appliation more intuitive. If you imagine an ideal approach, do you still want a separate insight visual, or somewhere in the visual you can click and see all the filter been applied? Or a tooltip or caption that you can choose what filter values to be shown? or what if we enable you to lock the control only allow users to see but not change?

The only reason I suggested a narrative was for printing purposes. I could essentially create a narrative on the visual that showed the current values of the filter. Then when the user printed the sheet it would print the narrative with the filters.

Understood. Thanks for the feedback. We potentially can add some more visibility for the filter value in the visual, or enable control values to be included in the printing. Will work to address your use case.