Old and incorrect dataset name shows up, and can't be changed, on the join UI

Perhaps I am missing something in the UI but I had a frustrating experience with QuickSight tonight. I had one data set that we will call dataset A which was used by another dataset which we will call dataset B. All I did was change the name of dataset A. In most places in dataset B the new name of dataset A showed up correctly. However, when on the page for editing dataset B the UI that shows how dataset A is joined into that dataset was still showing the old name. I looked for 30 minutes to try and find a way to change that name to the right value but couldn’t find a way to do it. I decided ultimately to try and just remove dataset A from that join UI and re-add it. Doing this fixed the name so it now showed the correct new name, however, it broke visualizations based on dataset B because QuickSight did not correctly recognize that I had just removed and re-added the exact same dataset. Pretty terrible experience all around. Does anyone know if there is a way to change the “alias” name of a dataset? Here is how to reproduce it. Have a dataset A that is used in dataset B. Change the name of dataset A. Go to the edit dataset B UI where it graphically shows how dataset A is joined in to dataset B and it will still show the old name with no way to change it except to remove and re-add dataset A.

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I will answer my own question. It is a pain, but it can be done with the AWS CLI. To change the alias name you can use the “update-data-set” command and you can change the LogicalTableMap. You have to send in the full LogicalTableMap with a changed alias name. This works, but the UI should have an option to just change the name.

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@Jared_Price - That’s correct, using aws cli rename of data sets, update the column name to a different name is possible. However if you are data source is a file based, aws cli will not work as well. It will work only when your data sources are other than file source. Usually it is better to create base data sets via cli and give appropriate name, field name ( rename if business want to see it differently) and add description as well. The logical table map is helpful in that case.

Regards - San