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Hello Everyone, I am new to Quicksight portal and currently exploring if we can leverage quicksight visualisation for our metrics dashboard.

Currently we are using Cloudwatch for our minerva metrics visualization (and few alarm setup). The cost to cloudwatch is high due to dynamic value of dimensions. Hence we are exploring S3 usage to reduce the cost and the quicksight as visualization dashboard. Minerva pushed the metrics in S3 bucket in json format.


  1. Can we use amazonBi account to connect with our S3 bucket or we need to create Enterprise account ?
  2. Files in S3 are gz files (compressed), will quicksight be able to extract it and read it ?
  3. Is there any other service we can leverage for alarm setup ?
  4. Regarding costing, apart from per user price ($5 max/month) and dashboarding price ($6.3/month), will there be any other cost that we need to consider ?

Hi @dkorat

  1. You should create your own QuickSight account.
  2. No, I would suggest using Athena. Interactive SQL - Serverless Query Service - Amazon Athena - AWS
  3. I don’t think so
  4. Athena / s3 costs. However, both are very inexpensive.
  1. CloudWatch is integrated with many other AWS services. Quicksight has an built-in alert capability that triggers emails when a certain threshold for a certain intersection of the data is met.

  2. Not sure where the dashboarding price comes from. There is a price for users and authors (with a monthly cap), and an additional price for Spice data is you use more than the allocated 10GB per author. For example: an additional 100GB would be $38 per month.
    Amazon QuickSight Pricing - Business Intelligence Service - Amazon Web Services

Hope it helps,

Thanks @Max and @gillepa. This surely helps us in on-boarding decision.