One visual and measures of two datasets

Hello everyone,
I am trying to use measures from different datasets in the same visual. Is it possible? We have the time period object (view field mapping) connected.

Basically, I have two datasets in different granularities. However, a couple of dimensions are shared.

I created two datasets and connected them to the data analysis. Does it the best strategy?
Now, I want to create a report using Dim2 and Fact1 and Fact2.

Hello @woliveiras - Thank you for your query. As per my knowledge, it is not possible to do multi-fact table reporting in Quicksight right now. I believe Multi-Fact Table and Analysis level joins are their on their roadmap to be introduced in near future. However, as of now, we have to do direct join between the fact tables and create new calculated fields to get rid of the data duplication issues using the right function and logic. Please see the below snapshot, where I tried to highlight a typical scenario of a Sales vs Target comparison. Here Sales is at the Daily Level whereas Target is at Monthly level. Direct Join and default aggregation will result in duplicated Target values, which we need to overcome by manipulating the calculation. Hope this helps!

Hi @sagmukhe thank you so much for your reply.
You are right. Multi-Fact table is essential and it will be great to have something like that. Your solution works and I will follow your suggestion. In terms of features, it will be awesome to have something easy to connect to two datasets, right.
Thank you

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