Open Dashboard via link when we use QS in Embedded platform

We have implemented user based embedding by following this

But now the issue is when someone share a dashboard the user is getting an email, but email is having direct link to quicksight, instead we want to direct user to our cognito UI and also show them the dashboard(Iframe) they just got via email.

Explored Customizing email report templates - Amazon QuickSight but not sure how to open that particular Dashboard in the embedding website ???

You should follow the steps in the section labeled " Customizing where the dashboard opens from the email" in the documentation you posted. If you already did this, was there an issue you encountered?

Yes, we know that but still not sure how to open a particular dashboard in the iframe. (we are using cognito and user embedding). As i mentioned we can get into the iframe url by customising email but how should i open a dashboard that is being shared and received in email

I’m not sure I understand the issue you’re running into. If you follow those instructions it should share the correct dashboard in the email

Hi Basil. Was the issue resolved?

@lillie Thanks for follow up.

No we decided not to go with embedding.

Hi Basil. Sorry to hear this. If you could provide more details into the issue that can help us to look into this