Open Tableau Dashboard with Quicksight

Hello every one,
i want to do the migration from Tableau desktop to Quicksight, I saved dashboards with .twb extension in S3 bucket.
Is there a possibility to open these dashboards directly with quicksight please?
thank you

There is no way to do that.

You will need to build out some sort of transformation to make this file into a quicksight dashboard.

These can help out.

@chaima - Tableau to QuickSight will be an entire re-engineering process as it stands now. However, there are AWS Partnercast series available on BI Migration to QuickSight. I would suggest and recommend to go through those in SkillBuilder. That would provide you an overview on best practices for migrating BI workload into Amazon QuickSight, considerations to make for BI migration, AWS service features assisting the BI migration etc. Hope this helps!

thank you for you answer

thank you for you answer.

Hello @sagmukhe, do you have any useful links to share with me please?