Option to show only the dataset fields used in the visual

Hi there!

I normally work with big datasets, containing multiple fields, which i also use to create calculated fields within the analysis. Therefore, whenever I’m trying to edit or check the fields use in the visual element, it becomes a bit unbearable to scrol through the whole list of fields.

So, it would be useful to have an option to filter out the fields of the selected visual and only show those fields on the list.

Thank you!

Hello @Zeke, just to confirm, you would want a functionality that would allow you to only see the fields used in a specific visual on the field list? I definitely understand the feeling of needing to scroll through a large dataset when building so that makes sense. I’ll wait for a response from you just to confirm I’m fully understanding your request, then I can archive the ticket and leave it tagged as a feature request. Thank you!

Yes, exactly that!
Thank you!

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