'OR' condition to join two datasets


Is it possible to use OR condition while joining two datasets?
I only see ‘AND’ condition being applied and options to use different types of join.
Also, is there a way to union data from two datasets?

Thank You!

Hi @likhitrai ,


Thanks @Koushik_Muthanna,

Could you please also comment on the ‘OR’ condition while joining datasets?


For a SQL datasource, you can use customsql with ‘OR’ condition .

Yes, I am aware of that.
My question is when we are joining two datasets from two different datasources.
Dataset1 (DS1) from Datasource A
Dataset2 (DS2) from Datasource B

I want to create a Dataset3 (DS3) by joining DS1 and DS2 with below condition
(DS1.field1 = DS2.field1)
AND ((DS1.field2 = DS2.field2) OR (DS1.field3 = DS2.field3))

Is this possible?

This is not possible with data preparation in QuickSight.