Order by group/color in stacked bar chart


I have to visual objects - pie chart and a stacked bar chart, which correspond to the same Group/Color field and the same filters.
The data is ordered by the group/color field within the pie.
I don’t succeed with ordering the data within the stacked bar chart that it will correspond to the order in the pie chart.

Attached an example:
You can see Jhon has the biggest sales volume and appears first in pie chart order and also in the corresponded stacked bar chart, even though in Jan-22 he doesn’t have the biggest sales volume.


Currently in a bar chart the group/color can only be sorted in ascending or descending order.

On the y-axis or x-axis we can sort by another field.

There’s no such option for group/color:

It would be great if someone from the QS team can take this as a feature request!


thanks! @David_Wong


is this kind of feature is on the roadmap of Quicksight?