Order Tooltip's Data Points

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As i’ve read in several plalces, June, 22 Quicksights version, launched a functionality that allows ordering Tooltip’s Data Points. However, i’ve followed the step by step and i found no way to do it.

Was it implemented as it was asked as an enhancement request?
(How to sort tooltip by field?)

Could anyone tell me how to order tooltip data points or if it’s even possible, please?

Regards in advance!

I don’t believe you can change the order of the tooltips after you create them. You have to create them in the order you want them displayed.

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Hi @cbal,

You can rearrange the the order of the fields in the tooltip within the field list. Under the Fields list, select the field menu for a field (the three dots) and choose either Move up or Move down.

Let me know if this answers your question.




It looks like we can change the order only when there are more than 2 tooltips. The primary is always the first one.




Hi @cbal ,

You can change the order of the tooltip in the following ways.

Step -1

Go to Tooltip then click on the Detailed Tooltip.


Step - 2

Then there are different options are available in the Display options chose your required options.


Step -3

Last point if you want to Order the Tip you can do it by simply following the step by @David_Wong & @Bhasi_Mehta .


If the Primary Tooltip in this snap is Uppercase Department, you can modify its Order by simply hiding the Primary Tooltip and adding the same Tooltip again by using Add field.


So I want the Order of the Tooltip like,

1. Open & Closed Worked Item
2. Uppercase Department
3. Work Item Id

Use the Move up & Move down options to create the Order of Tooltip after inserting the Uppercase Department field.

You can now notice that I modified the Order of the Tooltip.


The First Uppercase Department is in hide mode.

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Biswajit Dash