Overlapping stacked bar chart?

I have a stacked bar chart which shows several values that all are portions of a larger value. I have gotten several complaints from our end users about the layout of the horizontal stacked bar chart. They want to see the bars layered on top of each other, so each bar is on the x axis where it actually lays. Something like a combo of the stacked bar chart and a regular bar chart. Like an area bar chart.

here is my best depiction of what I’m going for. Is there any way I can do this currently?

or maybe a layered bar chart would be a better way to explain what I’m looking for.

I’m not clear on the requirement. Are you asking for a tornado chart where one side you have a regular bar chart and the other rise is stacked bar chart?
What is the usecase? may be we could explore other options.

Today QuickSight provides 2 types of horizontal bar charts:

  • stacked bar chart (as displayed in your image). Each bar is displayed to the left or right of the previous bar.
  • clustered bar charts. Each bar starts from 0 however bars are displayed to the top or bottom of each other.
    In both cases, individual bars are never overlapping.

We do not provide a bar chart that draws overlapping bars since that obscures the data. However, this can be achieved by using calculated fields to compute only the differences between the bar values and showing them using stacked bar chart. Look at the Difference - Amazon QuickSight function to see how the differences can be computed.

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I am trying to achieve something like the picture above, but in bar chart form rather than line chart. Currently my chart looks like the picture below. Except I am showing data labels so the user is aware that where a bar falls on the x axis is not the value of that bar but the sum of all bars up to that point.

I appreciate the suggestion, thank you. I didn’t go that route because when I display the data points or use tooltip I want it to reflect the actual value rather than just the difference. For example in my picture above if the red bar (quantity shipped) was 10, and blue (contract balance) was 2. I would want blue to go over only to 2 on the x axis then red to go up to 10 on the x axis but not display as 8 for the data point. I am curious how this would obscure the data in a bar chart but works as a line chart? Am I misusing the purpose of the bar chart here?

The nearest possible chart for your scenario would be a clustered bar chart or a line chart in Qusicksight. Even if an overlapped bar chart was possible, viewing data could be a problem.

okay, so I am clear this is not something I can add as a feature request?

We can add this as a feature request. Thanks

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