Paginated Report - pdf all tabs or duplicate a section

I want to create a paginated report for multiple line charts across multiple marketplaces

  1. Can I pdf all the tabs on a report in one schedule?
  2. Can I duplicate a section to replicate all visuals within one section?

Hello @bucnorah !

When you say “all tabs” do you mean that you have multiple sheets of a paginated reporting? If so, my understanding is that each schedule will only apply to one sheet, but all of the sections or visuals in that paginated report will be in that pdf. You can duplicate sections.

For the scheduling, I would recommend running tests on for each scheduled, at the bottom of the schedule menu you should see the options to run the tests.

@duncan Thanks for your response.
Yes, I wanted multiple sheets in one paginated report & to allow scheduling of selected sheets as per user needs.
One additional question - you mention sections can be duplicated - I don’t see an option for that - can you share how you are duplicating sections please?

Hi @bucnorah,

Including multiple sheets in a schedule and copying a section aren’t currently supported.

At AWS, our roadmap is primarily driven by our customers. Your feedback helps us build a better service. I have tagged this as a feature request

We already have a feature request open for multi-sheet schedule. You can have your AWS contact (Account manager/SA) file a customer influence for you against this - Internal Link.
If you don’t have such a contact, send me your org & use case details and I will file a customer influence for you. (clicking my profile tile gives direct mail option)

We have a a feature request open for repeating sections based on a dimension - Internal Link. Request customer influence to be file against this if this solves your need. If you specifically have need for a section copy, please send me more details on your use case highlighting how it is different from repeating a section based on a dimension.

Arun Santhosh
Pr QuickSight SA