Parameter default

Is it possible to assign default for a parameter as max(value) for all users rather than per user mapping? Preferably, like creating a calculated field to calculate max(value) and assigning the value as default for the Parameter.

Side Note: If I don’t assign a default, even though my parameter is a Single select parameter, Select All is the default. To remove Select All, I need to have a static/dynamic default. I can’t set static default because the values keep changing every week, and dynamic default shows only user-value mapping, but I want it for all users that access the dashboard because the users group is large.

Are you looking to set default parameters on date or numeric fields? If you are looking to assign a date parameter to minimum or maximum of a date, QuickSight is going to soon enable setting defaults on date parameter. Dates can be defaulted to min/max of a date field, start/end of day/month/quarter/year.

For non-date fields, one way you can do this is through 1) maintaining a dataset with column 1 with all users with access to the dashboard, 2) add calculated field as column 2 with calculation min(metric_field), 3) use this dataset as a dynamic default dataset.

Thank you. Yes, the parameter fields that I am looking to set defaults for, are Date/Numeric. Looking forward to the feature.

Workaround for date parameter
In case your input data set (e.g. SPICE) is sourced from SQL, you can create a separate column where you will re-calculate (using max/min over…) the latest date value every week. So this column will have a single value (i.e. latest week) for all records available in the data set and you will be able to use this column as the Dynamic default option in your parameter.


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