Parameter filter based on calculated field not refreshing

Hi, I have a parameter dropdown control based on a calculated field that allows users to filter data down to a week commencing from a Monday. This works fine and if the week you want is not included manually refreshing works fine. But can the list values not be set to auto-refresh?

Hello @lstablefordmatrix, are you able to show an anonymized screenshot of the “Edit Parameter” modal and the another to show how the control is functioning? I am not sure I entirely understand your question. Are the visuals not updating when the control is changed or are you expecting the values displayed in the control to change? If you can provide some more information we can figure out a way to solve the problem you are facing.

Hello @lstablefordmatrix, are you able to follow-up with the information I requested in my last response? With some more details about the issue you are facing I should be able to guide you towards a solution. Thank you!

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Hi @DylanM,

The parameter filter I’m having a problem is called “Week Commencing”:


It offers the user a list of dates that are all the Monday of a particular working week to divide the report data into weekly segments and allow these weekly ranges to be more easily accessible than using a traditional date range selector.

The weeks displayed in the control come from a calculated field on the dataset where the calculation works out the last monday from the date of the record and just sets that column to that Monday, so the parameter filter values are set to a list of unique values taken from that “Week Commencing” calculated field.

The problem occurs because after first setting the values available to that parameter further Mondays occur and the only way to add those weeks to the list of available weeks is to hit the manual refresh:


What I am trying to find out is: Is there a way to auto-refresh the parameter values list without manually refreshing?

I enclose a screen capture of the Edit Parameter dialog for the parameter although I don’t see any part of that definition form that would help:

Hello @lstablefordmatrix, would you be able to share how you are building out the Week Commencing calculated field? I am curious if you are using a relative date parameter in your calculation to make sure it is related to the most recent week. If not, including that in your calculation should make sure this works correctly on load. I can guide you a little better if I can see the function you wrote.

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Hello @lstablefordmatrix, I just wanted to follow-up since no response was given for my previous question. If you can please share more information about the creation of your calculated field and how you are utilizing the date parameter, we may be able to guide you towards a solution. Thank you!

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Hello @lstablefordmatrix, since we have not heard back, I am going to archive this topic. If you still need assistance with this, please post a new question in the community and link this topic to provide relevant information for the QuickSight expert to quickly resolve your issue. Thank you!