Parameter for Calculated field

I have a calculated field that concatenate ID & ID description. I want to use this calculated field as a parameter with a control that links to this calculated field. Please help. Thanks

Hi @nsaleh
Please check out


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Hi Eric,

Thanks for the link. I tried the method on this link before (I link to a specific value, and I create the ifelse statement); however, the selection I get at the end is just between the names of the ID NO and ID description and no link to the dataset itself.
My end result is to select data from the parameter, ie. select 100 from the ID no, or instead of typing a #, I type the description (from data of ID description) and my data changes accordingly. same as the concatenate, but I need this concatenated fields to be one parameter that affects all the sheets on my analysis.

Hi @nsaleh,

I created a calculated field which concatenates the ID and ID description as follows:

Concatenated ID string
concat(toString({ID})," ", {ID decription})

Then built an analysis, adding a “String” parameter, an associated “Text field” control and a “Custom Filter” with a “Contains” condition that uses the parameter:

You can then add the same filter to each sheet in the analysis.

Does this help meet your requirement?

Many Thanks,

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Hi Andrew, thanks for the information, very helpful

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