Parameter Sync

Is there a way to sync parameter values. Like if I select one parameter we can easily get other parameters mapped to 1st parameter selected value.

Hi @graphs
do you have a sample what you understanding of “mapped” is?
e.g. is it paramater2 = parameter1?

No its like for e.g if I selected a particular item of a grocery store like Biscuit in parameter 1, then in parameter 2 its associated price should be Auto-selected.

Maybe you can use

This will not work. I need filter not action.

But its filter.
Select a value in filter1 and filter2 will only show relevant value(s).

But I want to select that relevant value automatically. Is there a way…Or any other solution

Cascading filters : The default behavior is if you select biscuit from grocery store. The cascading filter setup for Price would be a select all.

If the above does not work, then you can try cascading filter actions ( )

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But I need filter sync, not action.

It is a filter sync.

Given the following data:
ID | Country
1 | EN
2 | US
3 | AT

if you create a filter for ID and Country with “show relevant values only” on Country filter.
If you select ID 1 in filter the filter for Country only shows EN

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