Parameter that Includes/Excludes Data that Contains Certain Prefixes

Hi QuickSight Community,

I was wondering if anyone happened to know how to add a filtering “Yes/No” parameter so that it would filter out all data that contains certain prefixes, such as “NC, NONCON, non-con”, etc so that if I select “Yes”, it would show all those NC data, but if I select “No” then it would omit those NC data.

Hi @yipk,
you could create a calculated field “certain prefixes”, calculated with ifelse and your prefixes. Outcome can be Yes and No.
You can then create a filter for that field, filtered by parameter (Yes,No,Select all).
Would that work?

Hi @ErikG thank you for your response, I really appreciate it! Yes that sounds like a good route to take. Do you happen to know what QuickSight function allows me to get that true/false output when it searches column values?

I just found out that sometimes the NC, NONCON, non-con statement shows up not in the beginning of the value, but in the middle or end (ex data: ABC non-con1, NC ABC, NON-CON142, ABC Non-Con DEF)

You can use a combination of “ifelse” and “contains”.

Something like:
ifelse(contains(“datafield”,‘NC’) = true AND (all the others),‘Yes’,‘No’)

See also Link

Awesome, thank you Erik! Really appreciate your help with this.