Parameters in data preparation phase?

would it be possible to create parameters in the data preparation phase? I would love to be able to set a parameter’s control values in an analysis equal to a calculated field but that is only possible when the calculated field was created in data prep phase. I have been trying to find a workaround without success. Is this feature doable/ in the works? if so is there a timeline?

Currently, Parameters can be created within an Analysis only. Please provide additional context into your use case so we can explore possible workarounds.

Are you creating any calculated field that’s expected to be used across multiple Analysis?

I am using calculated fields across multiple analysis, but that works fine. I just duplicate the original analysis then change the dataset and as long as the new dataset contains the same columns as the original I keep my calculated fields.

What I ultimately wish to do is have a parameter whose values link to another parameter through a calculated field.
For example lets say I have a field {weather_description} that contains values “sunny, cloudy, rain, snow, partly cloudy, drizzle, sleet, windy, mostly sunny”. I also have two parameters, ${StartDate} and ${EndDate} both of which have controls so my user can select the date range they wish to analyze. I only wish to see weather description options that happened during the selected time frame, so I create a calculated field callled {relevant_weather_descriptions} that looks like this.

Now I want a parameter ${weather}, whose control takes on the values of {relevant_weather_descriptions}.

Then I can create a filter that aligns with the ${weather} parameter.
So now I have a control that is only displaying relevant values based on the selection of date parameters.

This is only one example, there are many times I’ve found my self wishing I could pass values to a parameter from a calculated field. There are many potential solutions, like maybe allowing custom actions to be set from a parameter control instead of just visuals. But since a calculated field can be used as a parameter’s value if the calculated field was created in data prep, I thought the easiest solution would be to also create some of my parameters in data prep. Of course it would also be nice if you were simply allowed to use a calculated field created in analysis as a parameter control’s values.


QuickSight team is working on supporting parameters in the dataset.

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exciting, thanks for the update.