parseJson data with double quote

Hi, I have a calculated field that extracts a data from Json field. If I just use the straight parseJson function, the data comes back with “data” (double quote) around it. I did then tried to use the following
replace(parseJson({orderJson}, ‘$.codeLookup’), ‘"’, ‘’)
but no luck with it. What would be the best solution to remove the double quote from the calculated parseJson function? Thanks!

Hi @yuichim

Did a very quick test and did not end up with double quotes.

In your parsejson i see you used single quotes - can you try with double quotes?

ramon lopez

Hi Ramon. Thanks for your reply! I have changed it to the double quotes and no luck…
Here is what I have:
parseJson({orderJson}, “$.orderErrorType”)

And the results I am getting is “CL”, or “PE” with double quotes…

I am also getting just like how Ramon is getting. Did you put the “path” argument correctly? The path argument basically needs to you to provide the entire path to that node with . (dot) as a separator. Sharing my code below

@yuichim can you send a sample of your source data?

Sure. Here it is:

“orderSplitFee”: 0,
“orderSubtotal”: 0,
“orderErrorType”: “PE”,
“_fk_salesperson”: “480”,
“orderErrorValue”: 84.95,
“orderExtraShippingFee”: 0,
“orderShippingHandling”: 0,
“timestampWorkorderCreated”: “1/3/2022 10:09:08 AM”

Hi, @yuichim, are you still having issue with parsing the Json data, let us know.

Hi @yuichim,

Checking in. We have not heard back from you regarding your question. We’d still like to help. If we do not hear back in the next 7 days, we will archive the question.