Passing Parameters with Spaces

Hello QS community,

My team is using QuickSight 1 click embedding (unable to use api embedding at the moment) and we are running into issues passing a parameter with a space.

Using the qs embedding javascript sdk we were able to pass in parameter values that included a space and they would render correctly on the dashboard.

          parameters: [
              Name: 'userGroup',
              Values: userGroups,

Since we are not able to use the api embedding at the moment, we replicated that with 1 click embedding and appended the parameters onto the embedding url and then embed that entire url with parameters in an iFrame. The parameter values with a space are coming across as “test%20value” and not selected the right values in the dropdowns. I will post a picture of what we are seeing.

Is there a way to render this correctly?

        const iframe = document.getElementById('qsContainer');
        const fragment = userGroups.reduce((url, ug) => {
          url.append('p.userGroup', encodeURIComponent(ug));
          return url;
        }, new URLSearchParams());
        iframe.setAttribute('src', `${1clickURL}#${fragment.toString()}`);

Image 7-14-23 at 10.42 AM


Hello @seanwh,

Welcome to the QuickSight Community!

Based on the documentation, this should work.

Can you please post here what is the exact URL your code is generating?

Thank you!

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Hi Andres.

Here is the link the code is generating. I edited out the account id and changed the directory alias


Shouldn’t it be

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Oh good catch. I did not notice the 25 there in front of the 20. That fixes the matter. I will try to figure out where that is coming from.