Passing properties value about forecasting in embedded dashboard - is it possible?

I have an embedded dashboard in my web app, I managed setup the embedding in a way that I can send parameter values to dashboard parameters so I can filter the data used for visualization.
In the same dashboard I would like to perform forecasting based on some specified forecast properties.

But, I noticed that on the embedded dashboard I do not have the option Edit Forecast.
So, the question is, is it possible to send values for forecasting properties to embedded dashboard as it can be done with the dashboard parameters, or it is not possible.

Assuming that as I will prepared the forecasting in the analysis part and publish it, that is the only way how forecasting will look like in the embedded dashboard?

Thank you for the question. We have this in our roadmap.

Hi @KareemAWS_QS ,

Ok, thank you for your answer. This will be very cool feature when it comes to embedding the QS dashboards in third party apps.
So, is there maybe a way to track when this feature will be available or maybe there is an info in which roadmap(quarter / year) you have this as a feature request?

Thank you in advance,

We can’t release those details. But you will see new features announced here: Announcements - Amazon QuickSight