Pausing direct query execution

With non-SPICE datasources, is there a way to pause the query execution so queries are not continually fired at the database whilst changes to analysis layout is taking place? Some sort of ability to pause the query execution until the user is ready and the anlaysis layout has been finalised.


Hi @MR_S_D_HUMPHREY - Welcome to AWS QuickSight community and thanks for posting the question. From QuickSight you can not terminate it, you have to kill it from Database sessions.

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Within the analysis page which has filters , this is not yet possible to pause execution of queries . If i understand correctly
1/you are looking at the option to first select filters and then have an apply button ? Clicking on the apply button will then render the visuals .
2/have this capability would also mean that dashboard consumers will always have to select filters and click on the apply button every time they are making a change to a filter.

Here is an example by creating a prompt page where you create filters and then use actions to navigate to the required sheet.


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Many thanks Koushik, for report authors, the ability to switch on and off the automatic rendering would prevent queries continually running against the database and for us that would be Athena which incurs costs. If a user want to create a new visualisation and knows the fields and layout they want to achieve then it would be quicker to craft the visualisations as required without the queries being run continually in the background. Similar to Excel formula calculation options of automatic or manual.

@MR_S_D_HUMPHREY valid ask . I will mark this question as feature request . Thanks for your inputs.