Pdf download and csv export logs

Is there a way we can find out who downloaded what pdf and CSV files from quicksight.


You can get information from cloud watch log. but in QS dashboard no option yet.
Naveed Ali

Hi @Pruthvi ,

Following details are available in CloudTrail : Logging operations with AWS CloudTrail - Amazon QuickSight
The csv export is available but not for SPICE. If you have for eg Amazon Athena as datasource, the export to csv is logged as well.

"serviceEventDetails": {
    "eventRequestDetails": {
        "dataSourceId": "arn:aws:quicksight:eu-central-1:XXX:datasource/a6daac79-a4ca-401f-b740-27db623756b8",
        "databaseType": "ATHENA",
        "queryId": "b91ba3e6-5653-4c90-97e4-efdb50d358ac",
        "resourceId": "arn:aws:quicksight:eu-central-1:XXX:dashboard/65a4b1f4-0475-4274-b10a-e3d2fd5bcba1",
        "dataSetId": "arn:aws:quicksight:eu-central-1:XXX:dataset/7763e5dd-eae4-4670-854a-14ee73cef4db",
        "dataSetMode": "Query",
        "queryIntent": "EXPORT_TO_CSV"

We currently do not have logging for PDF downloads in CloudTrail.

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is there a change here regarding SPICE datasets?