Percent of total for bar graph

Hi All,
Despite a lot of googling and looking through this forum, I can’t work the following out:
I have a bar graph which displays the number of patients admitted to the stroke unit per month (pic 1).

I need this to actually display the percentage of admissions to the hospital which end up being admitted to the stroke unit.

I know the calculated field I created is incorrect as it’s now displaying as pic 2.

Can anyone help me with what the script should actually be?

For reference, this is my admissions per month graph:

Thank you.

@jotg - It seems you need to create a calculated field by dividing the 438Treatedinastrokeunit field by the admission field. Something like below and format that as percent

sum(treatedinstrokeunit) / sum(admitted)

Then project that field against the Date Dimension in Line chart. Hope this helps!



After some trial and error, rather than sum, it was more appropriate for me to use count.

And if anyone else has a similar query to mine, this is the script I used:


My chart now looks like this (which is exactly how I needed it):


Thanks again for your help.