Percent of total keeping completed month fixed?


I am trying to calculate percent of total for a calculated field I.E., on time or late status , fixed for each month

in the column section I have put completed date (MONTH) and Calculated field for Status with below calculation

ifelse ( completed date>due date, “Late”, On-time)

In values I put the count of orders to understand how many orders delivered on time or not

I want to calculate the percent total of On time ( eg. 88.9) and Late (11.1) giving a sum 100%

Fields in use

Complete Date
Due date
Number of orders
Status (Calculated field)

can I say percentOfTotal(sum({Number of order}),[{Completed Date},{Status}])

You wouldn’t partition by status.

You would get this calculated field and then plot on a visual the status as a group.

percentOfTotal(sum({Number of order}),[{Completed Date}])

If you are running into issues to group by month you can trunc your date.

percentOfTotal(sum({Number of order}),[truncDate('MM',{Completed Date})])

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