Percentage of the total with distinct count and with condition

Hi All,

I have 2 fields (simulation_insurance and hiring_insurance) that have the value “Yes” and “No”

Customers who simulated a proposal with insurance and who purchased with insurance, and customers who simulated a proposal without insurance and who purchased without insurance.

quantity of unique customers | simulation_insurance | hiring_insurance
1000 | S | S
500 | N | N

I need to put the information that customer simulated and contracted with insurance (only what customer simulated and contracted with insurance (YES) in a line graph as a percentage of the total
A graph line for simulation with insurance (YES) and a graph line for contracting with insurance (YES).

I tried to do it, but is not working :frowning:

countover(distinct_count({id_customer}, {simulation_insurance} = ‘YES’ AND {hiring_insurance} = ‘YES’),
[truncDate(‘DD’, {my_date})],

How to do this calculation?


Hello @July !

To clarify, when you ran your calculated field above did it throw an error or did it return incorrect values?

If it returned an error, what error did it throw, and if it returned values that were wrong, what did they look like?

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Hello @July!

Were you able to find a solution for this or are you still running into this problem? Are you able to provide clarification on the issue you are running into with this calculated field?

Hello @July !

Because we have not heard from you this topic will be archived. If you still need help or have another question please post at the top of the community.

Hi Duncan
I’m on vacation. You can archive this.