Percentage of Total (by location)

I am trying to create a filled map visual, that will not only display the total count, but also the percentage of the count that the state contributes to. So for example if there are 3 records in Florida, and 10 total records in the US, then the value displayed would be 30% for Florida. I’ve tried using the percentOfTotal function but to no avail.

The way the data is set up is that each row is an account and there is a ‘state’ column.

Ideally this would display in the tool tip area of the visual.

Can you do this?

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Hi Max, I gave that a try but got a “Table calculation attribute reference(s) are missing in field wells” error.

Try this


Max, thank you so much. That worked! If by chance when I drilled down into the state I wanted to show the same thing but by zip code, would it be a similar measure? Or is there a way to include that in the previous solution?