Performance issues due to huge dataset

Hi All,

I am creating a dashboard and the underlying dataset is massive, approx. 5.3B rows so using direct query instead of spice and its taking time every time I am trying to change filtered values - in my case changing customer id’s. I tried using dataset parameters but it wasn’t helpful since its a simple Select * from X statement but I need 1 year worth of data present at all the times. Any suggestions would me much appreciated?

Hi @mudit92

Having dashboard over direct query on 5.3B rows will have both dashboard performance and the underlying database scalability challenges.

Which database/datasource is getting used here ? and the dashboard is for analytical use case or more of seeing transactional reports for a given customer id over certain amount of time ? is 5.3B records is one year worth of data and give us more context how does data is generated and what insights we are trying to find thru QuickSight dashboards ?

I would strongly recommend to talk to your AWS Account Team / AWS Solution Architects to get additional guidance on the architecture .


Hi @mudit92,
It’s been awhile since we last heard from you. Did you have any additional questions regarding your initial topic? Is Direct Query a requirement for your need or are you able to switch to SPICE; that may help some with your time length.

If we do not hear back within the next 3 business days, I’ll go ahead and archive this topic.

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Hi @mudit92,
Since we have not heard back, I’ll go ahead and archive this topic. However, if you have additional questions, feel free to create a new topic in the community and link this discussion for relevant information.

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