Period by Period Running Sum Yearly Overlay

I am trying to use calculated fields in QuickSight but as yet I’ve been unable to get the desired outcome

I have a line chart that shows me day by day sales comparing the last 3 months with each month as a separate line on the line graph

This is the field well configuration

x-axis transaction_date_day_extract: extract("DD", {transaction_date})

colour transaction_date_month_trunc: truncDate("MM", {transaction_date})

value transaction_amount (sum)

What I’m trying to achieve is the same visual (a line per year) but with a running total for the year with the x-axis showing the month number (1-12).

Ideally the field wells would be as follows

x-axis: Month Number 1-12
colour: Year
value: Running Total of Sales

Any advice would be appreciated

Hi @ca-nsmith

Currently we cannot plot running monthly total over discrete months .
Thanks for your feedback , at AWS our roadmap is primarily driven by our customers.
I will mark this as product feature request .