Period Over Period Alternate solution

I have data for a metric for different countries at quarterly level. I want to use this measurement end date i.e. quarter end date to calculate ttm. I have tried sumover and periodtodate options for the same but, unable to achieve TTM. Anyone has tried this before?

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Are you looking to calculate training twelve month calculation. Can you please elaborate on requirement with example dataset/output. You can also reference prior question in community on TTM topic. Count of Trailing Twelve Months - On Filter

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Anwar Ali

Thanks Anwar!
This is a sample data of what I am trying to build. This would help me to find delta between given quarter date and TTM output.

Hello @Geetha and @AnwarAli !

@Geetha are you still having trouble with this problem or were you able to find a solution? If so could you post your solution to help the community?

Could you share an anonymized view of the calculations that you attempted?

You could also try the solution posted here:

Hello @Geetha and @AnwarAli !

@Geetha were you able to attempt the solution in the link I posted above? It has been some time since there has been activity on this thread but we would still like to help find a solution.

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