Period over Period Percentage Change

I want to create a dashboard that gathers the data from one date and compare the difference (in percentage) with another date. For instance, if you choose October 1 and October 15, the dashboard will show you that the data increased by 10% in that time frame.

I know this exists in Insights, but I am only able to get this data from the current day against the previous day. In terms of Insight, I want to be able to change PeriodOverPeriod.previousTimeValue.formattedValue to the date that I select via a date picker in the dashboard and thus, that will change the value for PeriodOverPeriod.previousMetricValue.formattedValue and compare it to PeriodOverPeriod.currentMetricValue.formattedValue. Does anyone know how to calculate this? I am also open to other solutions!

Please check below link:

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